Dress Code
In order to maintain a safe and secure campus, we have the following dress code:

Please refrain from wearing

• Clothing from other high schools
• Raiders or any professional sports jerseys including L.A. clothing
• Apparel with slogans or pictures that are obscene, derogatory, or sexually explicit or that depict guns, knives or other dangerous objects, drugs or alcohol
• Hats without the official NHS logo
• Socks pulled up or shorts hanging low so that they meet
• Over-revealing tops (no tube tops or spaghetti straps)
• Excessively baggy pants
• Pendleton shirts or black/blue checkered shorts
• Any clothing that is worn in a manner to represent a certain group
• Clothing with spray paint designs or cans/tagging
• No numbered jerseys except NHS sports

We expect you to wear:

• Clothing that covers undergarments
• Clothing and belongings that are free of graffiti

Please wear clothing the way it is designed to be worn.
This means do not carry non-NHS hats or attach them to belt; do not wear shirts around neck or over the shoulder.