Every School Day Counts

The highest performing students and the highest achieving schools demonstrate the highest attendance rate. Average daily attendance (ADA) is an extremely important factor in not only academic performance achievement but also in the assessment of the effectiveness of a school’s ability to harbor a school culture with students of good citizenship and strong moral character.

The State of California has indicated that three absences in a school year are acceptable. A school is not obligated by law to excuse more than three absences in a school year without written documentation from a doctor, a dentist or mental health specialist. There are often extenuating circumstances but having a student miss school frequently and/or for long durations violates compulsory education law. This law stipulates that it is a parent’s responsibility to make sure that their student attends school on time every day. Flagrant violation of this law can result in a parent or guardian receiving fines and even being detained by law enforcement officials. Students, in these instances can be referred to the Department of Children and Family Services for either foster care or group living.

Northview High School is currently operating at about 95% ADA. That means that the state is only giving the school district money for 95% of the students we serve. Raising our ADA is another important aspect of positive attendance more vital than ever during this recession.