Saturday Academic School
Originally Saturday school existed as a consequence for unexcused absences or behavior issues. It has become an important practice for recovering average daily attendance (ADA) as well as giving students more quiet time to study or do homework. Currently Northview High School is offering a Saturday Academic School whereby teachers representing English, math and other core academic departments will be at school on Saturday starting at 8:00am and ending at 12:00pm to support student learning with extra instructional minutes. Lesson plans will be followed and computer/Internet use will also be available.

Students attending Saturday Academic School do not have to have received Saturday school as a consequence to attend and gain the extra support. Students who have been assigned Saturday are also welcome attending the four hour instructional session will satisfy a Saturday school owed for a discipline infraction. If a student behaves poorly or refuses to cooperate with the teacher they will be asked to leave Saturday Academic School and will not receive credit.