Intervention / Guided Study

Intervention is a program we have at Northview High School to support students in primarily English language arts and math. Teachers send list of students struggling in one of those two core subjects and the intervention coordinator pulls those students into the library for peer tutoring to address students’ areas of need. The criteria for students sent to intervention are based upon assessment data within the standards for English and math. If a student performs poorly on an assessment in English or poorly on a math test the teacher will generally place the student on the intervention list and forward to the intervention coordinator the assessment or test data. Students are tutored for at least five days and are permitted to retake the assessment or test to ensure that learning the standard has been achieved. The intervention coordinator pulls students in from either their guided study class or their free period. Attending intervention once it has been assigned is mandatory and refusing to attend will result in detention.


Every Northview freshman is required to be enrolled in a guided study class within their seven period schedule unless they are instead enrolled into the two-period Language Academy reading class. On the surface, guided study is a study hall giving our students the opportunity to get started on their homework, to study, to read and to organize their study materials. Beyond the surface of this course, guided study is also the class from which students pulled into the library for intervention when it is deemed necessary to do so.

Sophomores with at least a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) are permitted to have a free period instead of guided study within their seven period day so long as they maintain that GPA or higher. Juniors receive the same privilege for maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA and seniors are granted this privilege for maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA. Such students may still be assigned to intervention for English and math and must attend intervention during their free period.