The AP Classes

Name  Position
Marisa Baker  AP Chemistry
Liz Deck  AP Biology
Blake Edwards  AP Human Geography
Rita Gindi  AP World History
Chris Grinnell  AP 2D Design
David Ho  AP Statistics
Jessica Jeske  AP Art
Shawn Jolicoeur  AP Language and Composition
Claudia Rojas  AP Spanish Literature
Todd Seagle  AP Literature and Composition
Jamie Torres  AP Spanish Language
Jorge Villanueva  AP Calculus
Robert Yount  AP US History

Summer Assignments

Class: AP World History
Teacher: Rita Gindi
Assignment: APWH Summer Assignment

Class: AP Literature and Composition
Teacher: Todd Seagle
Assignment: AP Lit Summer Reading Assignment

Student Testimonials

Sarah Medina, Class of 2016—AP English Literature
"Being in an AP class has given me a glimpse at how college courses will be. It has taught me a little more being responsible and getting things done without someone having to tell me to get them done. I enjoy the idea of having college-like work and that it will allow me to have a plan and strategies to study with for college!"

Brenda Ramirez, Class of 2016—AP Statistics
"It's been a little difficult at times, but I've noticed that I will have to struggle at times in order to strengthen my ability. Something that really helps me out is getting together with our study groups every week to do homework and to get ready for our chapter tests. It has impacted my life and has fortified me to be the person I am today!"

William Stroud, Class of 2017—AP Calculus AB and AP English Language and Composition
"It's extremely nice to have a class where we go into depth on topics and where we're constantly learning. These classes allow me to think about the things I see around me in new and different ways. Not only that, but I feel that what I've learned in my classes will help me in other situations."

Brisa Garcia, Class of 2018—AP Biology and AP Spanish
"I enjoy my AP classes because they have allowed me to express myself in different ways. In Spanish class we learn about the culture and being Mexican American. It's really intriguing to learn new things. I also want to be a veteriniarian when I grow up, so to be prepared this early in high school makes me feel more prepared and college ready. Overall, my AP classes do require a lot of work, but in the long run, I know they will be helpful to me."