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Northview High School ASB


President- Emily Correa Vice President- Alisha Chavez Secretary- Alyssa Vallejo Treasurer- Adrian Paz Congratulations to all the candidates that ran for class cabinet for the 2016-2017 school year.  Campaign and voting was quite a success and I couldn't be more proud of ALL of you!  Remember commission applications will be available beginning April 11, 2016 in the ASB Office.
-Mrs. Kolodge

2017 Senior Class Cabinet 2018 Junior Class Cabinet
President: Jackie Alvarez President Sherry Suyat
Vice President: Vanessa Perez Vice President: Paola Perez
Treasurer: Justin Gonzalez Treasurer: Dominick Espinosa
Secretary: Angie Verdugo Secretary: Sophie Saucedo 

2019 Sophomore Class Cabinet 2020 Freshman Class Cabinet
President: Emily Salas TBD
Vice President: Andrea Hernandez
Treasurer: Sophia Ortiz
Secretary: Marissa Acosta 

ASB Director- Corie Kolodge email

ASB Assistant- Megan Pieper email