Mission Statement and Goals

The school’s vision statement, updated yearly through collaboration between all members of the school community--from businesses to parents, administrators to students--encapsulates the school’s constant drive towards success:

Northview High School is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive education that ensures a lifetime of excellence. We strive to establish a rigorous and progressive curriculum that is both challenging and relevant to all students, one which promotes, within a safe learning environment, the intellectual, creative, and emotional growth of each individual, so that each may attain the skills necessary to realize his or her dreams and goals for future success.

The focus on success also appears in the school’s ESLRs, renamed on this campus to TLCs: Technology, Life and Career Skills, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Citizenship. The school community collaboratively created the TLCs prior to the WASC visit of 2000. Since the school recognizes the continued importance of the TLCs, the community has maintained them. Northview High School is in the process, through WASC Leadership Team members and Focus Group members, of revamping the school's mission and vision to incorporate the coming of the Common Core and 21st Century Learning Skills.